Takaway arrival display

I have installed the SambaPos system for our restaurant and its working fine but still need to fine tune a few things.

We also do Take away for which we take orders by hand as we have three telephones lines and on busy days we have three people manning those phones. At the moment it isnt viable to have tablets/pcs for each person due to space.

Once a customer comes to collect their order, we take payment and have to advise the kitchen of the name of the order so they can bring it out.

Mt question is, is there any way we can take payment for a takeaway and possibly advise Sambapos that a customer has arrived for a takeaway (without entering a ticket) and this be displayed in the kitchen. All we would need is a list of names(customer entity?) on the display.

If you can advise if this is possible as would save a lot of running back and forth trying to check if an order is ready.

Thanks in advance

Task Types would work well for this. They do not need Tickets to operate.

This short Tutorial shows basic usage for creating a To-Do list, which sounds similar to what you want …

And this one uses Task Types for a Kitchen Display, which is essentially attached to Ticket Orders …

Thanks @QMcKay. this looks like what i need. Ill try to implement this and let you know.

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Hi i have done my kitchen display but how should one update the task as done. The other thing can i use order numbers instead of the long unique Id?
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