4.1.30 Released


SambaPOS will install SQL Server LocalDB by default when there is no database engine selected. LocalDB is 33 mb single user database and it is easily upgradeable to SQL Server Express. If you need to install SQL Server CE (2MB) engine you can enable it on Install Wizard > Select Components screen. In this case you need to uncheck SQL Server LocalDB option. If you already installed SQL Server CE on previous versions SambaPOS automatically disable LocalDB selection to prevent unneeded downloads.

With this release Ticket Lister Widget have Expression and Filter settings.

  • Expression is used while preparing ticket selection SQL. In expression part you can filter tickets following Expressions.

    • TicketDate is Today checks if ticket Date equals today.
    • TicketDate is Today+1 checks if ticket Date equals yesterday. You can increase number to check future dates or you can use negative values for past tickets.
    • You can use smaller or greater operators and use multiple expressions such as TicketDate > Today+1 and TicketDate < Today+2
  • If your expression is not suitable to translate to SQL you can use Filter setting. After SambaPOS reads tickets from database it applies filter.

    • Use IsTaggedWith("<tag>") to filter tickets tagged with <tag>.
    • GetTagValue("<tag>") is "<tagValue>" to make string comparisons.
    • GetTagNumericValue("<tag>") > 5 to make numeric comparisons.
    • GetTagDateValue("<tag>") is Today to make date comparisons.
      There are much more possibilities so please ask us your specific filtering needs.
  • Some Lists at Management Screen supports searching by item values. For example you can search products by barcode wih barcode:123 or barcode=12345678. If you need partial search use : character and = for exact match. There are more options such as searching by Group Code. Since these are dynamic search values all options are not listed here. Please ask us if you need specific searches.


what i should write if i wanna filter out the order status of delivered while showing the order status of submitted?


@superlik can you please give more details about how you’re tracking delivered status? Do you mean to display non-delivered orders?

i am using the kitchen display set up created by john,

according to the current set up, once the order submitted, it is displaying in kitchen entitites.

with your new release, i manage to exclude the drink out from kitchen entities. however, i wanna further improve as ur new release allow ticket lister widget show in different grouping ie, appetizer, main, dessert. i want my kitchen to do appetizer first and tick it off individually instead of the whole ticket.

I found workaround by requesting the cashier to change the order status to delivered individually in the ticket screen. however, it doesn’t remove item in the kitchen screen.

so i thought, that might be something can be used by order filter/filter function to filter the displayed item according to order status or something?

alternatively, would be great if kitchen is able to tick off each item by item individually.

Ticket lister displays tickets and filter & expression features filters tickets. You’ll filter out unwanted orders by printer template features like you’ve did for drinks. I couldn’t understand how your state flow works as I don’t remember John’s setup from mind but I think there should be a non-delivered state for orders so you can display only non-delivered (served) items.

instead of using the filter/order filter function in the ticket lister widget,

i keyed in [ORDER STATE=SUBMITTED] or any wantted state, and it only show wannted state in the template

Is there a way for ticket lister widget to filter by entity? Specifically tables?
I have tables called “Take Away” and “Pickup” and I use them to take orders.
I would like to one TL widget to show all unpaid Take Away orders and one TL widget to show all unpaid Pickup orders.

I do not know the filter or expression syntax (if any) to be able to simply filter by Entity Name or Entity Type.

Another option is to use different Departments, then you can filter on Department Id.

There is yet another way to accomplish this, but you will need additional Automation set up to either Tag the Tickets or set Ticket States.

Have a look here - both methods are discussed (Ticket Tag and Ticket State) …


You can’t filter tickets by entity name but you can filter tickets by ticket tag. So tagging tickets automatically when you select related entities might be a solution for you.

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Is it the same in v5?

I followed instructions on that post. Was able to set one tag successfully.
However I have 3 tags that I need to set, depending on the table selected (Takeaway, Pickup , Delivery)

I find myself unable to add additional actions to this rule. How do I go about adding tags for the other entities?

On action selection screen right click on left side and click Show all values.

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That did the trick. Thank you.
Is there a way to speed up refresh of the Ticket Lister?

Right click widget while in design mode choose properties and near bottom set your refresh rate in seconds.

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@srijit in the future create a new topic and select the correct category for the version your using. It can lead to confusion if you resurrect topics that are almost a year old to ask a question.

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