Kitchen ticket show at kitchen counter

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I have installed sambaPos v5. I have 3 computers. one at the counter, one for the database, one for kitchen staff. all three computer are connected to each other. I would like to ask

Is it possible?
when a counter computer proceeds an order it shows on kitchen computer. so that kitchen staff can prepare a meal. because I don’t have a kitchen printer.

I have imported the “KitchenDisplayUpdate” file from this following page

but after importing the table colour is not changing nor I can see anything on kitchen tab

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Firstly, please do not upload zip files containing word docs which I assume contains your screenshots. Word docs may contain viruses and people may be suspicious about opening them. Please upload images directly to the forum so everyone can see them immediately when reading your post. Please refer to guidelines for more info on using the forum.

This will be because you do not have message server running on the server (main system) and client systems. You can find out more details in the following topic:

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I edited your post to remove the zip file containing a word document. You can hit print screen and just paste into the text input box here and it will capture a screenshot and upload it automatically.

I will check it later. I tested the above file at home on standalone computer which is not connected to any other computer

the result is same. “After importing colour is not changing and ticket is not showing in kitchen tab”

This is a really old V4 tutorial. For V5 that will be a better solution.

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I agree with Emre the old tutorials worked ok but the new method for v5 is much better and gives more fine control over the output.