Using Ticket/Order States to Update Ticket Lister Widget

I’m trying out different methods of Kitchen Display .
The Task Widget using

And using Ticket Lister

So setting up ticket lister was easy enough, and formatting was also easy enough.
However been able to select a task and complete it is the challenge now.

Looking at widget settings we have a few options

This leads me to believe that we can possible use Ticket/Order States and or use command buttons and auto command rules to change states to add and remove them using command buttons.

But I’ve never been able to configure a state or and know only a little on how they work. Could anyone point me in the right direction or give a hand?

Ok so after reading

It gave me some good knowledge on how states work. I also looked at the default rules and actions to see how they are configured as a reference. Then I went ahead and created my own Ticket States as shown below

Next I created 3 Rules which should change the State accordingly as shown below,
Order Added to Ticket Rule
Ticket Closing Rule
Auto Command
On the entity screen

So good news is, the filter is working!
Bad news: Mark Order As Completed button isn’t working but it’s doing something as it takes about 2 seconds after clicking to execute the command. I opened the ticket and the state hasn’t changed.
So right now I’m stuck here. Any ideas?

I think in Automation Command you need to load ticket to update state.
When select ticket lister, it automatically pass ticket id as command value (IIRC).

Hmm so maybe in the auto command executed rule we can also put another constraint. something like “{TICKET ID} Equals{COMMAND VALUE}”?

I think just add action load ticket (ticket id is command value) first then action update cooking status then close ticket

Yay! this worked! So I didn’t know how load ticket action actually worked until this scenario! sweet learning something new everyday :smiley:

Ok so I updated my Auto Command Rule to this

And this works fine. I did realize though it took like a second for it to actually execute, but I guess that’s because it’s applying 3 actions before it completes it’s task(So i think).

Ok next step, Showing Voided Items and creating a state to control Cooking state during a void.

Then I’m gonna try appying a lapsed timer too and see if I can get that working also. hmmmm

Is there a way we can filter the lister to show items based on Product Tag?
Eg. ProductType=Food
to display all items on the ticket lister that has ProductType=Food?

This one use group code

You could try {ITEM TAG:X} I think it is

Could i have something like {ITEM TAG:ProductType=Food}
The reason I’m doing i this particular way because there are some drinks item that will go to kitchen for prep also,and I’ve already setup productType as a product tag to use for this purpose. so it needs to be specific.

Syntax should be
'{ITEM TAG:ProductType}' = 'Food'

But no idea if it workz

Hmm that didn’t quite work.

That ^ is value assignment. Testing for equality requires 2x == not just one…

'{ITEM TAG:ProductType}' == 'Food'

As an aside, why in the world would you want to “go back in time” and use a Ticket List Widget for a Kitchen Display? Tasks is definitely the way to go. They are much more flexible, and the Task Editor Widget has many more options than the Ticket Lister Widget, including Grouping on-the-fly.

Task Editor Widget is also WAY faster than a Ticket Lister Widget, because it is just dealing with Tasks, not entire Tickets.

It actually us 1= in Order Filter from this thread

You once quoted in the tutorial

^^ This is why haha.

But yes I did implement the KDS using Tasks but I’m having a minor issue with it right now.

I did this method because I was more familiar with Ticket Lister widget and all of its settings, and it opened my eyes to learning how states work :D.

Now I understand the KDS tutorial better because of the basic fundamental practice I found of doing the “Old School” way :wink:

Till I can figure out how to fix the mini issue with KDS Tasks Im having, I thought let me work out the old school way to have a better understanding of things.

I have created a ticket lister for customer display to show only the Kitchen Ready Orders.
Used update order status to change the order status when the task printer prints the waiter task rule.
The rule debugger shows that the status has been changed from Submitted to Kitchen Ready. But the ticket lister is still blank. Any idea guys?