Specific Entity Search Rule Action


Can someone please assist me with a action , rule ? to code for the following rule.

  1. If I want to search an entity screen and return on the the exact value and nothing else

eg. if I have a record of Smith or a phone number of 018 675435 that is not shows the exact search otherwise says can not find and you need to add a new record.


I am kind of confused what you are asking for. Maybe if you tell us what you are doing or trying to do we can understand it better. Why do you need this feature?


Im trying to create a customer portal where the customer enters there phone number or name and it only brings up that specific record and then can create a order

Ok I understand now, was that you in a previous thread commenting on someones setup? Or was that someone else?

that was someone else I think

No it was you I found it. His screen was made using a custom entity screen, Task Editor Widget and some HTML widgets and actions etc to support it.

Its somewhat advanced setup I really dont have the time tonight to go through it with you but I can tell you some features to study that might help you start configuring your own. One moment…

The main screen was a Custom Entity screen with an image as the background:

He used an Entity Search Widget and resized it so only the data entry portion showed.

I am not 100% sure but it seems like he used an Automation Command when he entered and selected the Entity to launch a Browser Popup and custom HTML to display that Entities information.

This will give some idea of how to use the Browser Printer to display Entity Data. This is not the same thing it uses a template to display orders but you can get the idea of how to use it. You would be feeding Entity Data into your template instead of orders.


thanks yes someone did send me this link but this is over my head thanks anyways

Yeah its a rather complex setup using some advanced new features available in v5. There are more simple methods to do what you want however. I have more time tomorrow if you can bookmark this discussion I will give you some simple tutorials for some ideas you can build upon.

It would be really good for you to practice some of the tutorials on a test system. You might learn enough to get started.

Thanks for your help , I have been looking at this everyday and have progressed a lot but just can not seem time resolve these final things currently. which you have been so helpful to date .

  1. customer portal , selection on specific input ie. phone number, then only be able to select menu of service product . for menu then for it to go to reception terminal for processing the next part of the order , selecting location, staff etc.
  2. Expenses adding in expenses
  3. Reporting Expenses and Banking’s Tag
  4. Commission based staff as different staff get different commissions

Ill keep pushing on thanks for all your help

I will try and help you more tomorrow with these things. Its late and I really need to get some sleep. Most of that list is fairly simple and quick.

Look here for some ideas on expenses.


I have completed this module and works however it does not allow me to be able to put in additional fields which we require for our accountants. Cheque number , and Category , Vendor etc.

I have been learning as much as I can from online documents as I do not want to waste anyone’s time. I’m about 90% there but just trying to complete the system. I have learnt a lot and the system is very flexible

In not using this for a restaurant , I’m using in for spa in seven locations. this is the most flexible system I have seen to date and commend you all.

this is the list of major things that are stopping me implementing currently.

  1. Customer portal, selection by only the customer entry , via either name or phone number and they can only see menu. once selected product from menu it then goes to reception for allocation to room , therapist.

  2. Expenses , Cash , Credit Card payments, and Reporting,

a) Cash entries are not always banked in fact we look at sales for period ( Month ) ie and then total expenses ( Debits ) Credit Card Sales ( Credits ) ( which should be flagged banked automatically ( but we still have not work out that rule in system )

and then select the number of cash entries we wish to bank for period we open the ticket up and re-flag it as banked to balance the books but we do not bank all cash.

  1. Commissions and salaries are based on each individual Staff members and some get eg. 20 % some get 30 % based on experience. and others just get a monthly income base no commission.

  2. Bookings pre reservations. , we have a requirement to be able to reserve a room and therapist for a specific time but we may not know what product they want until they arrive. We take there name and then allocate a room and therapist, when they arrive we then ask them what product they want.

Basically everything else is working just these outstanding and we are working on this everyday to implement and we do not want to waste anyone’s valuable time so are reading and learning every day.

We thank everyone for there inputs and assistance to date.

Hmm well thats quite a bit more complicated than I anticipated but we should be able to help you get started. Few things to remember is that not very many members have used SambaPOS as a Spa and posted their configurations on the forum. I am sure many people use it this way they just have not been active on the forum. Because of the facts just mentioned it will be hard for me to give you real examples for your exact use however I can give you some tutorials and links that you should look at and practice that will give you knowledge to help you build your own customization.

First you need to create a test database separate from your main production one and use this database to install various advanced tutorials until you can get a grasp of what the features do and how to use them.

Here are some great tutorials you can do that will give you deep knowledge with Entity Screens, Rules, Actions, Scripts, and advanced features. Remember most of these you probably will never use but by building them you will gain some great knowledge that should help you customize your own system.

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I have reviewed and tested all of the following , however I am still stuck with the outstanding items. Can anyone assist.